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“Blue Star Brewing Company is proud to be a part of a new era in San Antonio’s rich brewing history. We thank you for your patronage”
-Joey Villarreal (Owner)

Our 100% organic brew is crafted with all
natural ingredients and served fresh daily.

Texican Lager

Made for South Texas. Dry, crisp & mild flavors, easy drinking!
ABV 4.0
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Refreshingly satisfying wheat beer.
ABV 5.2

Raspberry Geyser

A 2 year aged sour beer blended with organic raspberries.
ABV 3.8

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A smooth, dark bold & refreshing lager.
ABV 5.6

Cowtown Mild Brown

Easy drinking light colored ale on nitro, made with organic English malts. Sublime!
ABV 4.2

Flying Pig Extra Pale Ale

Refreshing, mildly hopped light colored ale.
ABV 5.0

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Cinco Peso Pale Ale

Classic American Pale Ale made with awesome organic Cascade Hops.
ABV 5.0

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King William Ale

King William is a barley wine style ale. Barley wines originated from Britain and are the biggest beers in the ale family.
ABV 9.0

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Green Tractor IPA

American Style India Pale Ale highly charged with organic English hops grown on U.S. soil.
ABV 6.5

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Apache Amber Lager

Medium bodied with a slight toasted malt flavor. Finishes with a flicker of Perle Hops.
ABV 4.5

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Smoke Dark Ale

Full-flavored dark ale. Smoked to perfection!
ABV 6.0

Spire Stout

Made in the Irish tradition, silky smooth, satisfying.
ABV 6.0
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Southtown Sour

Spontaneously fermented straw-colored sour. Refreshingly dry & tasty.
ABV 3.8

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Close Encounter

2 Year aged sour beer with a int of tamarind.
ABV 4.0

Mannerchor Marzen

A smooth, malty, German style lager. Brewed in the spirit of Oktoberfest!
ABV 5.4


A hoppy medium-bodied lager.
ABV 4.4