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“Blue Star Brewing Company is proud to be a part of a new era in San Antonio’s rich brewing history. We thank you for your patronage”
-Joey Villarreal (Owner)

Our 100% organic brew is crafted with all
natural ingredients and served fresh daily.

Texican Lager

Made for South Texas. Dry, crisp & mild flavors, easy drinking!
ABV 4.0
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Refreshingly satisfying wheat beer.
ABV 5.2

Raspberry Geyser

A 2 year aged sour beer blended with organic raspberries.
ABV 3.8

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A smooth, dark bold & refreshing lager.
ABV 5.6

Cowtown Mild Brown

Easy drinking light colored ale on nitro, made with organic English malts. Sublime!
ABV 4.2

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Flying Pig Extra Pale Ale

Refreshing, mildly hopped light colored ale.
ABV 5.0

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Cinco Peso Pale Ale

Classic American Pale Ale made with awesome organic Cascade Hops.
ABV 5.0

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King William Ale

King William is a barley wine style ale. Barley wines originated from Britain and are the biggest beers in the ale family.
ABV 9.0

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Green Tractor IPA

American Style India Pale Ale highly charged with organic English hops grown on U.S. soil.
ABV 6.5

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Apache Amber Lager

Medium bodied with a slight toasted malt flavor. Finishes with a flicker of Perle Hops.
ABV 4.5

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Smoke Dark Ale

Full-flavored dark ale. Smoked to perfection!
ABV 6.0

Spire Stout

Made in the Irish tradition, silky smooth, satisfying.
ABV 6.0
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Southtown Sour

Spontaneously fermented straw-colored sour. Refreshingly dry & tasty.
ABV 3.8

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Close Encounter

2 Year aged sour beer with a int of tamarind.
ABV 4.0

Mannerchor Marzen

A smooth, malty, German style lager. Brewed in the spirit of Oktoberfest!
ABV 5.4


A hoppy medium-bodied lager.
ABV 4.4
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