Scroll to the bottom for our Brunch menu, offered on Saturday and Sunday, and Desserts, offered EVERYDAY!  We have plenty of ready to eat items at Blue Star Provisions, too.

4 Brisket Jalapeno Poppers $10
6 Brisket Jalapeno Poppers $13.99

Chips & Salsa $4.50
Add queso for an additional $4.50; guacamole $4.50

Loaded Nachos $12
Comes with your choice of pulled pork, brisket or chicken; or choose smoked salmon for an additional $3.00

Blue Star Nachos
House made tostada chips topped with pinto beans, jalapenos and cheese; add chicken or BBQ brisket for $3.00

Wings $13
choose from buffalo, Thai chili or lemon pepper

Garlic Parsley Fries $6

Pork Cheese Fries $10
Add jalapenos or pico de gallo for additional $1.00

Fried Mushrooms $10
Served with cream gravy

Beer Cheese Dip $9
Two hot pretzel rolls served with our house-made beer cheese. Add sausage $3

Salads & Soup
House Salad   $8
Leafy greens, red onion, cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers.
Add chicken $3; add salmon $5

Greek Salad $7
Leafy greens, black olives, tomatoes, cucumbers and feta cheese.  Add chicken $3; Salmon $5

Fried Chicken Tender Salad $12.95

Pork Green Chili Cup $6 / Bowl $8

Tortilla Soup Cup $6/ Bowl $8

Soup of the Day Cup $6/ Bowl $8

1/2 Sandwich and Soup $8.98
Our Turkey BLT served with a cup of your choice of Tortilla soup or the soup of the day
Add green or red chili for $2

NEW! 6 piece Grilled Shrimp Skewer & Rice $10

Macaroni & Cheese Bowl $8
Add salmon $5.00; Brisket or Bacon $3; Mushrooms $2

Pico Pasta   $10
Pasta dish of onions, garlic, crushed pepper, tomatoes and pulled chicken and topped with parmesan cheese. Add chicken for $3; salmon $5 or shrimp $5

NEW! Fried Shrimp Plate $13
5 pieces of beer-battered gulf shrimp served with french fries.

NEW! Fisherman’s Combo $15
2 pieces of beer-battered mahi mahi, 3 beer-battered gulf shrimp, coleslaw and french fries.

Fish & Chips $14
House beer-battered Mahi-Mahi served with coleslaw and house-cut fries.

Fish Tacos $12
Mahi mahi on corn tortillas.  Or for $2 more, ask for smoked salmon, instead.

Brisket Tacos $12
2 tacos on flour tortillas. Served with a side of ranchero beans

Enchiladas with Chili con Carne $13
3 cheese-y enchiladas topped with a generous portion of chili con carne
Add $1 for Brisket Enchiladas

Frito Pie $7
Refried beans topped with fritos, house-made grass-fed beef red chili, jalapenos, cheddar, and pico de gallo.  Add queso on top for an addtional $3

Chicken Tenders $7.95
Four house battered tenders served with fries

Blue Star Pig Pie $11
Layers of braised and stewed pork, roasted corn, longhorn cheddar, and pico de gallo

1/2 Rack Ribs $14.99
Choice of Baby Back ribs or St. Louis Spare Ribs.  Served with fries.


Served with your choice of french fries, salad, or fruit or sub macaroni & cheese for an additional $2 or garlic fries for $1

Veggie Wrap $11

Chicken Wrap $12

Turkey Wrap $13

Smoked Salmon Sandwich $14
Served on pumpernickel

Blue Star Burger $13
Add brisket or pulled pork to your burger for an additional $3

Bacon Cheddar Burger $16

Mushroom&Swiss Burger $15

Brisket Sandwich $13

Pulled Pork Sandwich $13

BBQ Chop $10

Patty Melt.  $14
Topped w/ Grilled Onions, Mushrooms & Swiss cheese.

Bunless Greek Burger   $13
No bread to it!  Beef patty served on  greek-inspired salad with black olives, tomatoes, cucumbers and feta cheese.

Blue Star Veggie Burger   $11

Turkey Melt   $13
Topped with cheddar, tomatoes, bacon and BBQ sauce

Turkey Avocado BLT    $13

Rueben Sandwich $13

NEW! Fried Shrimp Sandwich $13

Fish Sandwich $11
Fried Mahi-Mahi served on a burger bun with coleslaw, tomato and spicy aioli

Chicken Fried Chicken Sandwich $13
Breaded chicken breast topped with lettuce, tomatoes and pickles

Our beef is Grass fed beef from Parker Creek Farms in Dhanis, Tx


Chocolate Cake with peanut butter frosting and sprinkled with ground cashews $5

Apple Cinnamon Bread Pudding (served warm) $5


BRUNCH- Available Sundays only until 2:00 pm
Brisket Hash  $10
Potatoes, house-smoked brisket, onions, peppers, and topped with eggs your way. 

Barbacoa Tacos $9
2 barbacoa tacos on four tortilla tacos served with avocado and salsa.  Big Red is available!